A Special Message From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Our students returned to school on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 filling our halls with the delightful sound of children's laughter!


We have already successfully completed a full year with our digital program (Ignitia) for Grades 5-12. Each student was issued a laptop

for the own use, instead of carrying those back breaking textbooks!


For those of you who do not know us, Faith Preparatory School is a multi-denominational Christian school located on Route 7

in New Milford,CT. where we make a Christ centered Quality education AFFORDABLE.

Because of our very low teacher/student ratio we are able to focus on the individual needs of our students and families.

Our state-of-the-art building stimulates learning, and the love and warmth of the staff toward their students creates lasting relationships.

NO COMMON CORE issues ...

Our Core values: F- First God; A- Academics; I- Innovation; T- Team; H- Honor lead us to declare that we are

a decidedly Christian School, and as such, all Christian principles are taught and maintained. This truly allows for a low stress

learning experience. As a result, students are able to focus on their school work and develop lifelong relationships

with their classmates as well as with their teachers. As each year passes, we are blessed to follow them as they do their

individual best and see their achievements acknowledged at Awards Ceremonies in June.

Daily encouragement helps to build self esteem and the sense of accomplishment moves them on to strive for a

higher purpose in their lives.   This also gives them the desire to believe in their God given abilities and talents, which causes them

to strive toward College and other higher school's of learning.

We are proud to state that for several years ,100% of our graduates are college bound. (But, they always come back to visit!)


-As stated above, We have gone Digital! Each of our students in grades 5-12 has been assigned

a Laptop which provides all that they would learn from a textbook. l (No more lugging heavy books

around). Our New curriculum from the accredited school, Alpha Omega Publications will be taught

traditionally, but all assignments, quizzes and tests will be completed and graded on the Laptop.

Parents will have instant access to all assignments and grades...(they can even see how long their

children have been working on their assignments).


Grades K-4 work through the ABEKA curriculum creating a sound foundation.


Also as members of CIAC we are always moving ahead in developing a strong Athletic Program.



We are pleased that with our Certification from  SEVIS and the U.S.Immigration

and Custom Enforcement we have already assisted students from Brazil, Korea and Japan,to

attend our school. We look forward to bringing in more students for the upcoming school year.

Anyone interested in becoming a Host Family Please see the International Student link and

for more information contact our International Student Advisors.


Come on by and visit with us…you’ll want to stay.

In His service,

Josephine DuBois